Why a Private Practice for Burn Reconstruction?

Any type of surgery can cause anxiety, but because of the emotional and psychological aspects of facial burn reconstruction, the anxiety can be amplified. Having surgery in a private, non-teaching hospital, can help alleviate some of that anxiety.

What to Expect


The most important part of your consultation is complete and effective communication between you and Dr. Choucair. Please feel free to ask whatever is on your mind. We will do our best to answer your questions and accurately identify your goals. Despite every effort at a full and clear explanation, questions can remain after an initial consultation. We encourage you to schedule a second consultation, or call and speak with Dr. Choucair.

You will be given detailed instructions to prepare for surgery, such as medications to avoid, and specific instructions regarding your recovery period. All aspects of the proposed surgery will be discussed with you.

Where Surgery is Performed?

Your safety, comfort and the specific requirements of the procedure determine where surgery will be performed. Our in-office treatment rooms are appropriate for minor procedures. More involved procedures are performed in a fully-equipped hospital operating room or certified outpatient surgery center. Dr. Choucair is affiliated with the following hospitals:

  • Baylor University Medical Center

  • Baylor Medical Center uptown
  • Park Lane surgery center
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas

  • North Central surgery center

Anesthesia and Pain Management

We understand concerns about anesthesia. Modern anesthetic techniques are very safe and effective. We will discuss the requirements of your specific procedure with you. Regardless of the anesthesia used, you will be comfortable. Appropriate pain medication will be prescribed after surgery. We wish to make your surgical experience as painless as possible, and are happy to address any concerns you may have.

Fees and Insurance

Fees for reconstructive burn surgery and cosmetic surgery are traditionally paid prior to surgery. Costs vary widely and depend upon the complexity of the operation, where the surgery is performed and which anesthetic is administered. Burn reconstruction may often be covered by commercial insurance. Our office can assist you to determine whether your insurance coverage might provide for reimbursement for some burn reconstructive procedures. However, if scar revision is performed to minimize scarring or to improve your ability to function, it may be at least partially covered. Check your policy or call your carrier to be sure.

Personal checks, cashier’s checks and credit cards are acceptable methods of payment. Our office staff can also help you arrange financing.

Some reconstructive procedures may be covered by insurance. We are happy to assist you in filing insurance claims.