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Consulting an experienced plastic surgeon with special expertise in complex burn reconstruction is the best way to determine if surgery will accomplish the improvement an individual desires. With current technology, this can be done with reasonable accuracy through telemedicine/video conferencing although an in-person evaluation is always the best option.

Burn injuries may heal adequately without surgery utilizing nonsurgical treatments such as laser methods, compression garments, splints, steroid injections and simply giving the scar time to improve naturally. The burn depth, the anatomic burn site and specific patient characteristics often determine whether nonsurgical options are indicated or whether surgery is necessary. Ideally, an experienced plastic surgeon can provide you with guidance as to whether nonsurgical options are right for you..

The cost for reconstructive burn surgery varies widely. Surgical costs include the surgeon fee, surgical facility costs and anesthesia provider fees. Your actual costs for surgery also depends entirely on the type of procedure performed. Surgical costs can be provided upfront so patients are aware of any financial obligation outside of insurance.

Insurance will often provide benefits for reconstructive burn surgery. The specific details of each individual insurance policy are evaluated to provide patients with a reasonable expectation of insurance benefits. Our office staff can assist patients with this process.